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Global Tech IT Consulting is a full service IT solutions company. From web and software development to technical support we can support all your IT needs. Our managed IT support packages can be customized for any size company and include support for all your infrastructure including networks, desktops and servers.

Global Tech IT Consulting has helped companies streamline and automate their business processes. Our experts take the time to evaluate your company’s current methods, analyze business procedures and find more productive ways to accomplish the goals at hand. The result is a highly customized Business Process Automation Software that allows the company to be much more organized, efficient and profitable. We provide comprehensive solutions for Input Management (Scan–Forms and Image Import, MS–Office Docs, ASCII), Workflow Management (Work queues, Decision trees, Barcode recognition, OCR/OMR/Indexing, Image Repair), and Archive Management.


Global Tech IT Consulting allows you to focus on your business without worrying about the day to day operations of keeping your business growing. We accomplish this through proactive management, securing your Information technology networks and monitoring your systems and applications 24×7.

Because of our investments in best in class tools we apply the principals of remote management, automation, centralization, and monitoring, to your environment and we are able to effectively and efficiently be a catalyst for optimizing your business.


We have years of experience providing high-quality and cost-effective web development services using the latest technologies, such as Ajax, ASP.NET, PHP, Flex and Silverlight.

Our web development services are tailored specifically to meet each client’s requirements and business objectives. We consistently deliver high-performance web applications with complex functionalities and the ability to achieve commercial success.


If you are one of those wishing to see your business skyrocket, then you’re in good hands. Our team has years of experience in the design and successful implementation of business automation software. What’s more important, we offer bespoke solutions that are tailored to your specific needs and will help eliminate your business bottlenecks.


we pride ourselves on having gained in-depth understanding of what makes a successful project. Not only are we adept developers, but we’re also proficient in market research and web analytics. Willing to share our knowledge, we will work collaboratively with you to investigate the feasibility of your project, evaluate its pros and cons and create a road map for actions.


Our User Interface experts are passionate about delivering not only visually compelling, but also thought-driven designs. Our team focuses on user scenarios and needs analysis, thus ensuring the best possible experiense for your target audience.


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